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We bring life into your garden - large product selection & low prices
We bring life into your garden - large product selection & low prices

Marten Protection Deterrent for martens and wild animals

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KUNAGONE reduces the risk of unforeseen expenses caused by martens.

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KUNAGONE - a patented Polish product that repels a martens attack on your car's electrical system. It triggers a dog's natural scent (natural enemy) which not only repels martens but other wild animals as well. Can be used in attics and places where the presence of wildlife is undesirable.

The effectiveness of the measure was confirmed in 12-month trials and tests. Tests took place in households where martens damaged attics, attics and under the hood of cars.

Composition: Dog hair (from selected grooming salons) that has undergone a heat treatment, with the addition of vegetable wax with a scent that provides additional repellency from wild animals.

Estimated Duration: 3-6 months

Why should you have KUNAGONE?

easy to handle
consumes no energy
long lasting effect
natural terror
Important: The bag used is made of high quality material. Your job is to preserve the contents of the refill while releasing the aroma. Vegetable wax used to make KUNAGONE soaks into the fur so there is no risk of it melting or soiling the protected area.

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