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We bring life into your garden - large product selection & low prices
We bring life into your garden - large product selection & low prices

about us

The brand belongs to the group of online shops managed and operated by the company IGLACO and operating within the EU. Our main markets are Germany, Poland, Czech Republic.

The goods are shipped from Germany, so that the customer can count on an express delivery and, if necessary, with a problem-free return of the goods.

IGLACO has mainly specialized in the mail order business of house and garden products, including special products for geoconstruction, agriculture, animal husbandry and plant cultivation. Our range also includes high-quality garden fleece for weed control without chemicals, garden hoses and accessories, tarpaulins of various qualities, garden tools, mole nets, palisades and much more for your garden.

When selecting producers and suppliers, we attach great importance to ecological sustainability and environmentally friendly policies. We aim to ensure that products made from plastic materials are, where technically possible, derived from recycling and 100% recyclable at the end of their useful life.

Direct cooperation with manufacturers and distribution via the online shop enables us to offer you the products at very competitive prices.

Quality and longevity are top priorities when we decide which products to include in our range. So we orientate ourselves on the things that are used in professional gardening and offer them in quantities/sizes that make sense for an allotment gardener or even urban gardening.

IGLACO also runs its own nursery and thuja plantation, from which fresh plants can be delivered directly to the final recipient. Thanks to our own many years of experience, we have a feeling for what you really need in your own garden or allotment garden and what not.

We also have our own logistic center that works 6 days a week and is happy to process your order.

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