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We bring life into your garden - large product selection & low prices
We bring life into your garden - large product selection & low prices

Ground anchor, steel pins for geogrid ground anchor Ø 8 mm, 50x12 cm - 10 pieces

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Steel ground anchor 50 cm Ø 8 mm, 50x10 cm - 10 pieces

The Ground Anchor -Steel pins for fixing geogrids to the ground on both flat and sloping surfaces.

All ground anchors are made of durable steel wire and can be reused several times

Versatile uses and ideal for securing geogrids, weed control, soil fabrics, hoses and cables

Ground anchor with beveled corners for quick and safe attachment and an alternative to the classic tent pegs when camping

The strength of the material and the construction of the ground anchor ensure tension in the ground.

The ground anchors are 50 centimeters long and offer sufficient support for a wide variety of uses and applications.
The robust and durable ground anchors are suitable for private and professional use and have a wide range of applications:

The practical ground anchors are mainly used for laying geogrids, weed mats, weed fabrics and garden foils for secure fixation.
The ground anchors can be easily and quickly pierced through fleece of various thicknesses. If the ground is too hard, the ground anchors can also be hammered in with a rubber mallet.
50 cm ground anchor (Ø 8 mm) made of steel wire for universal use in the garden, camping and leisure. Ideal for attaching geogrids, garden fleece, hoses, etc.

Dimensions: 50x12 cm

Wire Diameter: 8mm

Material: Ribbed Steel

Quantity in packaging: 10 pcs.

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