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We bring life into your garden - large product selection & low prices
We bring life into your garden - large product selection & low prices

Drainage fleece 100 g/m2 1.5 x 10 m fiber fleece drainage weed fleece

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Drainage fleece geo fleece garden fleece, water permeable, tear-resistant

A water permeable geomat is an important component in creating effective drainage. A drainage fleece should prevent the mixing of two or more layers of soil, which have different physical soil properties.

The geotextile consists of fibers and therefore has good filtration properties and high tear resistance. As a result, it fulfills its function of protecting drainage systems from damage and silting up, but also reinforcing the base of roads and sidewalks. It is also well suited to cover and protect pipes as it is resistant to static and dynamic loads.

This fleece has a long service life and a wide range of possible uses:

- Paving work and working with stones in gardening and landscaping

- stabilizes the substrate, prevents mixing of materials,

- acts as a separating or filtering layer, improves water flow, protects against punctures

- serves as weed suppression in the greenhouse or in the garden, as an alternative to weed fleece or garden fleece

- as a base for paved paths, parking spaces, terraces, parking lots, garage entrances, etc.

- as a substrate in floors under loose fill

- in sandboxes, playgrounds to separate sand from the ground


- 100 g/m², 1.5 x 10m = 15m²

- Width: 1.5m

- Length: 10m

- Fabric weight approx. 100 g/sqm

- Color white

- water permeable

- weather resistant

- compatible with plants

- mechanically bonded non-woven fabric

- Biological durability (rot proof)

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