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We bring life into your garden - large product selection & low prices
We bring life into your garden - large product selection & low prices

THUJA Emerald tree of life periwinkle in a pot, seedlings 20-25 cm, 50 pieces

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Thuja Smaragd is probably the most beautiful variety of Thuja.

Succulent, intensely green branches give the plant a unique charm. It's very popular. Thuja Smaragd is widely used for planting medium and high hedges, 180-300 cm high. To get a dense wall of a hedge, it is recommended to plant at a distance of 55 - 60 cm.

With its cone-shaped, slender growth, the 'Smaragd' tree of life is up to 6 m high and about 1.8 m wide. This means that this large shrub can be planted as a decorative solitaire, among other things. As an evergreen shrub, Thuja 'Smaragd' has dark green, scaly needles. From April, the blossoms or young cones of the 'Smaragd' tree of life catch the eye with their green-yellow color. Brown cones develop from them in October. The soil for Thuja 'Smaragd' should be calcareous, nutrient-rich, sandy and loamy so that it can develop optimally. The location should be sunny to semi-shady. The 'Smaragd' tree of life can be kept in good shape with appropriate pruning, which makes it the ideal hedge plant. He can also be trained to various forms.

Leaves - An evergreen conifer, the 'Smaragd' tree of life bears scaly needles that are a handsome dark green in colour.

Blossom - From April, the young green-yellow cones and blossoms of the 'Smaragd' tree of life can be clearly seen.

Location - The 'Smaragd' tree of life should get a sunny to semi-shady location.

Soil - The soil for this conifer should be as calcareous, nutrient-rich, sandy and loamy as possible.

Water - Thuja occidentalis 'Smaragd' needs regular watering.

Frost hardiness - Winter protection is not necessary for the 'Smaragd' tree of life. It survives temperatures down to -26°C.

Characteristics :

  • Height of the offered seedling: 20 - 25 cm
  • Container type and volume: pot, 0.5 liter content
  • average annual growth rates: 20 - 25 cm
  • Cut: conical
  • Colour: intense green
  • Width of an adult specimen: approx. 80 cm
  • Number per pack: 50 pieces
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