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We bring life into your garden - large product selection & low prices

Swimming pool water heater - Bestway 58259

by Bestway
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Swimming pool water heater

  • High heating output - enables the water to be heated quickly to the Optimal temperature of 20 ° C.

  • Overheating protection - water flow sensor Protects against damage to the device.

  • Specifications - Dimensions (l/b/h): 42.5/26/19cm; Dimensions Packaging (L/B/H) 48/29/24.5cm; Weight 5.1kg; Performance 2800W (at Temp. 20 ° C).

  • EASY TOTO INSTALL - Simple construction and uncomplicated functional principle The heater can be quickly connected to the filter pump of the swimming pool. Pump that supplies the swimming pool.

  • Digital regulation - The device is equipped with a precise temperature control system. Temperature control system.


  • Bestway product code: 58259

  • Power supply: 220-240V ~ 50Hz

  • Performance: 2800W (at 20 ° C)

  • Maximum temperature: 40 ° C

  • Performance: up to 3785l/h

  • Recommended amount of water: 1.520-17.035l

  • Dimensions (l/b/h): 42.5/26/19cm

  • Dimensions of the packaging (l/b/h): 48/29/24.5cm

  • Cable length: 350cm

  • Weight: 5.1 kg

The warming of the water in a swimming pool not only ensures the general comfort of the pelvis. to use. It also enables you to fill in the water after filling the pelvis play or After filling the pelvis Play or relax in the water. It also enables swimming in the pool Calcare days, if the water cannot heat up sufficiently through the sun and the ambient temperature. Sun and ambient temperature. The use of a water heater enables it the Water temperature quite fast To the optimal level of 20 ° C. The device is for operation together with filter pumps from Pump one Performance of up to 3785/h. The simple structure and the uncomplicated Due to the simple structure and the uncomplicated service can The heater quick The filter system of the pelvis be connected. Filter system of the Swimming pool be connected. The device Work effectively in Swimming pool with a capacity from 1520l to 17035l. The heating time of the water and the maximum reachable temperature The reachable maximum temperature depends on the output temperature of the water and the ambient temperature. the ambient temperature. The following people are responsible for the safety of the users The safety of the user is by a Fearing current circuit breaker ensured that switches off the current as soon as a fault is determined. The residual current circuit breaker ensures the safety of the user. This solution Protection against electrical blows and is indispensable when operating Electric devices that work in direct contact with people. The device reacts to changes in the current flow at a difference of 10 mA, what This is the extreme value that ensures the security of the user.

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