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We bring life into your garden - large product selection & low prices
We bring life into your garden - large product selection & low prices

Orchid pot, flowerpot, 12 x 20 cm, GardenPot, brown

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Orchid pot 12 x 20 cm, GardenPot

Plant pot flower pot planter

Flower pots from our collection are made of high quality plastic, which allows to achieve perfect visual effect. All are suitable for the apartment, terrace or garden. Modern shape, stylish, noble design and first-class quality.
Unique design registered with the Patent Office as an industrial design.
The orchids have aerial roots that require a special environment and care. They love high humidity and warmth but do not tolerate moisture.
Due to the raised inner floor, the orchids, e.g. B. Phalaenospis, not in water. The excess water drips off and does not burden the sensitive root system.

In order to effectively prevent waterlogging, the orchid pot has an approx. 4 cm elevation on the bottom of the pot on which the inner pot is placed and thus keeps the roots away from the water.
With the transparent orchid pot, it is much easier to create this environment for your orchids and to give them the care they need.

Width: 12*12cm
Height: 20cm
Material: polystyrene
Application temperature: -30 ° C +80 ° C.
Color: brown

Manufactured in EU

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