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We bring life into your garden - large product selection & low prices
We bring life into your garden - large product selection & low prices

ANIMAL REPELLERS – electronic protection of rodents, with ultrasound

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Animal repeller effective electronic protection of animals, repeller

REPELLER to the socket against rodents, rats and mice

Effective and proven repellent against rats and mice.
The repellent plug emits variable ultrasounds that disturb rodents such as rats and mice, but are not audible to us humans.

The electronic system of the device is a full transistor, which guarantees high gain and durability. Similar offered deterrents are very often based on microprocessor systems, which is why they are very often vulnerable to damage and, unfortunately, are characterized by shorter range.
Transistor system guarantees excellent parameters and high reliability.
The mostly Chinese substitutes and deterrents available on the European market are not adapted to our weather conditions
The device is equipped with a transistor system that guarantees excellent parameters and high reliability.

Plug the rodent repellent into the socket. Now acoustic signals with a frequency of 20 - 70 kHz are sent at intervals
Low habituation effect due to changing frequency
The device is environmentally friendly - mice and rats repellent without bait or poison

Technical specifications:
Power supply: 230V from the mains
Current consumption: 70mA
Dimensions: 85x85mm
Ultrasonic emission angle up to 120 degrees
Ultrasonic range up to 200 meters
Working temperature: -30 to 70 degrees

The device does not affect the dogs (ultrasound radiation outside the hearing range)

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