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We bring life into your garden - large product selection & low prices
We bring life into your garden - large product selection & low prices

Leaf grab, leaf shovel for the hand, leaf claw, green, set of 2

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For leaves and lawn clippings!

Especially in autumn, when the garden and sidewalks have to be cleared of a lot of leaves, it is very hard on the back. But your back also suffers when there is a lot of clippings that have to be removed when cutting the hedge or doing other gardening work. Our leaf grab is now a remedy! Less bending - more gripping!

MORE THAN YOU CAN CARRY: Instead of loading just a handful of leaves at a time, you can use our gripper to pick up a huge amount of leaves directly and put them in the wheelbarrow, organic bin or rubbish bag. This will help you master the mountains of leaves quickly and reliably!

Our "big hands" avoid unnecessary skin contact. Particularly practical when moldy leaves or rubbish are to be collected.
Our garden grabs are the ideal addition to your garden tools! Whenever it is a matter of transporting a lot of unwieldy, small-part material, the UPP leaf collectors are at your side!
QUALITY: Made of high quality plastic, our extended arms will be of great help to you for a long time. Your back will thank you.


  • Size: 39*7*52cm
  • Color green
  • Material: plastic
  • robust, weather-resistant

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