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We bring life into your garden - large product selection & low prices

Inflatable mattress - chair - Bestway 43011

by Bestway
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Mattress - Bestway Seat 43011

  • Party -proof - Made from a smooth and flexible vinyl material that absorbs bumps and minimizes the risk of perforations.
  • Easy inflation of the seat- the simple inflation The swimming chair is possible thanks to the valves that prevent the air from escaping. They enable the correct inflation of the whole, which guarantees the stability of the mattress and increases comfort.
  • Profiled back - The specially profiled backrest, the armrests and the pillow enable a comfortable rest.
  • Including repair space - The patchpiece contained in the set is waterproof, so that you do not have to fear that it will detach yourself when water is increased. You can even carry out the repair in the water. Ideal for mattresses, pools and other inflatable accessories.
  • Specifications - Dimensions in the inflated condition (L/B/H) 165/89/58cm, material thickness 0.22mm.


  • Product name Bestway: 43011
  • Maximum load: 90kg
  • Show dimensions after inflation (L/b/h): 165/89/58cm
  • Thickness of the material: 0.22mm
  • Dimensions of the packaging (l/b/h): 29.8/5/29.2cm
  • Weight per pack: 1.25kg


  • mattress
  • Repair plaster

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