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We bring life into your garden - large product selection & low prices

Animal trap, gutter trap, trap cage, trap for martens, goose trap

by Iglaco
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Trap cage, trap for martens
Marten live trap, cage

Gutter trap length 60 cm

Gutter trap length 60 cm
Universal trap for catching martens and rodents. The cage is galvanized, which prevents rusting. Thanks to the round shape, the trap can be placed in gutters where martens most often migrate.
Live trap is very easy to set. Thanks to the gravitational tabs, which only open inwards, the animal cannot get out after the catch. As bait it is recommended to put a piece of raw meat or an egg in it.

The carry handle comes standard with a metal handguard - essential when carrying a captive animal to avoid injuring your hand.
The length of the trap - 60 cm.

CAUTION: Always wash trap in boiling water or over steam.

Above all, animals of the marten family, such as polecats, weasels, mink or stoats, are quickly put off by noises, as these are extremely cautious, intelligent and sensitive animals.

Animal traps are to be used in accordance with the Department of Environment's Animal Trapping Regulations.

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