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We bring life into your garden - large product selection & low prices
We bring life into your garden - large product selection & low prices

Thuja, tree of life, hedge plant, teddy ball 15 cm

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Thuja occidenalis Teddy

Thuja occidentalis Teddy/

Round and small: the cuddly tree of life 'Teddy', botanically Thuja occidentalis, is as sweet and soft as a teddy! The tree of life, whose original home is in North America around the Great Lakes, is an indispensable ornamental tree in Europe. The extraordinary breed 'Teddy' is a very small thuja with a maximum height of only around 50 centimeters, which is suitable for any space! It comes into its own particularly well alone, but it is also a wonderful addition to a harmonious overall picture when planted in groups in the rock garden, heath or Japanese garden Color. And it always looks particularly cute! Its evergreen, soft needles conjure up accents in any location, even in winter. When cut, they also exude an enticingly spicy aroma. 'Teddy' is easy to care for, robust and extremely hardy.

The cuddly tree of life 'Teddy' hardly makes any demands. To thrive, it prefers a sunny to partially shaded location with fresh, nutrient-rich soil, but is generally very adaptable. Waterlogging should be avoided.
Please note that the plant or parts of the plant are poisonous!

  • particularly frost hardy
  • Spherical dwarf tree of life
  • particularly soft needles
  • Location sunny to light semi-shady
  • blooms from April to May
  • robust, easy to care for, hardy, tolerates pruning
  • very versatile decorative and absolutely frugal
  • Allotments, front yards, rock gardens, heath beds, Japanese gardens, planters, grave plants, buckets

Description of the variety:

Type: spherical
Soil: fertile, moist
Soil reaction: acidic
Frost resistance: -30°C
Position: sunny/partially shaded
Leaf/needle colour: green
Wintergreen: yes
Growth: slow growing plant
Plant type: shrub
Max. height: approx. 50 cm
Height of the offered seedling: about 15-20 cm in a pot.

The plants are very well protected for transport.

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