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We bring life into your garden - large product selection & low prices

ANIMAL REPELLERS - effective electronic protection against animals Duo Led

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Marten deterrent – ​​effective electronic protection against animals DUO LED

The most effective device on the market that keeps rodents, martens, weasels, rats out of the car

The most effective device on the market that deters martens, weasels, rats and mice from our vehicle.
The device was equipped with two buzzers, an automatic frequency changer and a high-brightness flashing diode.
The appropriately modulated ultrasound, combined with powerful flashes, easily copes with even the most resilient pests.
Our deterrent has an electronic module that turns off the device when the engine is started and turns it back on automatically when the engine is extinguished.

This is a solution that you won't find at other animal repellers. Electricity, brake, oil, refrigeration, air conditioning or on-board computer mask cables are not only material damage, which is often very expensive, but also a high risk of accidents. To effectively deter rodents from the car engine, a deterrent permanently mounted under the hood is sufficient.

Two wires (90cm long) terminated with ring connectors should be connected under the screws to the battery terminal. The installation method is explained in the manual supplied with the device.
The device has a built-in fuse holder - additional short-circuit protection for our system.

Technical specification:
Power supply 12V
Current consumption 15mA
Dimensions 85x65x36mm
Ultrasonic radiation angle up to 120 degrees
Ultrasonic range up to 200 meters
Operating temperature -30 to +70 degrees

The device does not affect the dogs (ultrasound radiation outside the hearing range)

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