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We bring life into your garden - large product selection & low prices
We bring life into your garden - large product selection & low prices

Geotextile, drainage fabric PET 120 g/m2 - 2 x 50 m

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Geotextile, drainage channels PET 120g/m2 - 2 x 50 m

Geotextiles are used as separation of the weak subsoil from embankments to improve stability.


Separation: prevents soil from mixing with drainage.

Filtering: retains small particles.

Use of geotextiles:

Basement drainage: the basement drainage is not clogged, water is drained off, basement walls remain dry.

drainage ditches:

The geotextile has a filter effect, retains small particles. The drainage medium remains clean.

Terraces, parking lots, garage driveways: geotextiles help keep the sand clean, the surface stays smooth, the tiles don't move.

Riding areas, stud farms and racetracks: the protective layer does not mix with the drainage, the original layer thickness remains intact, the horse's hooves are protected.

Sandboxes, Playgrounds: The gravel and sand does not mix with the ground, stays clean, even and durable, and the water is drained.

Geotextile helps trees and plants to develop properly.
Geotextile separates the hardened layer, soft soil remains permanently separated, there are no cavities or ruts in the roadway.

Technical specifications:

Width: 2m

Length: 50m

Surface weight: 120 g/m2

Thickness at certain pressures: 1.9 (±0.21) mm (±0.21) mm

Transverse tensile strength: 13 (-1.5) kN/m/m

Longitudinal tensile strength: 6 (-1) kN/m/m

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