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We bring life into your garden - large product selection & low prices

Roofing membrane, underlay membrane, formwork membrane, Storotex Supreme 1.5mx50m

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DACHBAHN, formwork, underlayment, roof covering, Strotex

Underlay membranes are a useful layer in the roof construction, for insulation but also for draining away condensation (sweat). In composition and construction, this film is a multi-layer fleece made of polypropylene. This foil is to be classified as a pre-covering under the cover materials. This film can be attached directly over the thermal insulation, so that rear ventilation is no longer necessary. This Unterspannbhan supports the condensation processes of humid air (water vapor) and storage of the condensed water. The film does not let water through, but moist air. This means that condensed water does not penetrate through the foil but separates on the foil and flows off on the foil surface. This breathable function of the stretch sheet makes it so high quality and is still cheap.

Four-layer roofing membranes have already won millions of customers in United States, now subject Europe. Thanks to the use of the newest technology from the production of roofing membranes, originating in the United States, Foliarex offers you new products of the “EXTREME” class. The use of the best components in the world and regular tests carried out in professional laboratories of the Foliarex Group guarantee the excellent quality of the membranes and their reliable use for many years.

Field of application / advantages:

  • STROTEX is a permeable membrane designed as a layer of underlay for external roofing.
  • Underlay membrane for non-ventilated and ventilated pitched roofs with hard roofing
  • suitable for building walls with batten construction
  • the perfect wind insulation material
  • high vapor permeability, thanks to which the membrane absorbs the absorbed moisture and directs it to the outside through a ventilation flap
  • completely waterproof, protects the thermal insulation from the outside from rain or snow,
  • it allows installing thermal insulation up to the full height of the rafter
  • it has UV stabilizers that slow down the aging processes exposed to the weather
  • equipped with special anti-reflection coating that prevents the phenomena of light reflection


  • Width: 1.5m
  • Length: 50m
  • Fabric weight approx. 170 g/m²
  • Diffusion-equivalent air layer thickness: 0.02 m
  • Water vapor permeability: ≥1700 g/m2/24h
  • Temperature resistant: -30°C to 120°C
  • Fire class: E / class E corresponds to class B2 (normally flammable) according to DIN 4102-1
  • Nail pull strength: 140N/50mm
  • extremely tear-resistant, tensile force: 240N/50mm
  • Tensile elongation: longitudinal 60% / transverse 90%
  • Colour blue


  • The film is laid with the printed side on the outside, parallel to the eaves
  • The underlayment is fixed step by step with a staple gun and counter batten
  • The nailing should be concealed in the overlapping area.
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